Crushes On Monsters

Anyone out there with sorrows wrapped around tender neck without permission?

Told you’re loved but find yourself separated as loved ones and lovers say it pretty without any action.

Oh, I’m sexy huh? Oh, I’m funny? With every joke on me.

This life, obstacles and dreams, ego and spiritual places, rage, and forgiveness, wrapped in our heads.

Is anyone out there whisking away happiness for a few dances then dinner before bed?

You lose, swearing we should be, ignoring my poetry, dumbass these recorded years are a cheat sheet.

Show extra temporary thrills as if I’ll bite, promise you’ll love me after money isn’t tight, humans are fucking disgusting with heavenly intentions.

I’ll say I love you but I know, you’re love isn’t as strong as mine, joke and say I love you more, asshole, I do.

Behold, separation from these flashing lights on a pretty Christmas tree made of bloody ice just for me.

Shocking to keeps awake with a friendly reminder to inhale and exhale as potential freezes.

Fuck, I should learn to conserve my love safely in a safe.

Mumbling under my breath with razors spit cutting words without watching my tongue, I’m done.

Crushes on monsters.

Sacrifice only to be pushed aside. If you could, yeah I know the line, Bye.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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