Caves Or Valleys

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

Almost forgot my watch's statement, time has come I'm done wasting my space on great tasting short lasting fillers
Unlock my safe, fill me with sight please, help me see how I am left after giving my energy to fleshly open drains
Don't search for anyone in your tunnel of discovery and tests
Don't lean on anything they say when walking beside you is too much
Don't walk with deserters.
Wiping clean after discovering messy film around my perception, grabbing my arms to grind my face into dust via blindfolds
I can hear the free persons' air, birds with morsels of gossip outside this cave but oh is the familiar terror within better than the unknown terror lurking out
Silly question to ask as routine turns to torture even if my end is out there it's more exciting than running out a clock under rocks
Flush my system as I've been contaminated, maybe solitude written out will soothe burned feelings, wincing, gnashing of teeth as go through discovery, well designed tests
And don't lean on the walls or pay attention to drawings before now
Don't walk with anyone who say they would but can't change
Don't feel awfully out of place in world ran by your enemies.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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