Booty Of Love / Spoils

Where are your treasures because they are not here with me, nothing I can see or find I’m not a final destination but a stop, hope dropped


Instead of begging you to stay I’ll try the market, it’s painful to desire someone else unfortunately can’t be helped


Bringing tools to this construction site gotta get this foundation tight, looking for a partner to help invest, listen to each other lay heads on chests


Night after night and day after day, battling wickedness jointly, finding a path together aware it’s easy to leave or stand out of range, refuse, use your mainframe

Hooked together no chains plenty zombies lady gobbling unaware brains and spirits, when all I want to do is love while being loved we speak and we hear it


Poetry showers and freestyle rap baths, sincere kisses with tongue plus firm ass grabs, want a future instead of rolling dice blindfolded like if it’s seven it’s seven


Heaven found by work and mercy, grace bestowed between strangers started hungry and parched so dry, in no time taking off with new wings enjoyable flight, if we’re together recognize a pure experience nigh.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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