Refuge Bringing Meaning

Misery or better, bring life.

I understand that death is necessary,

Not the way most men perceive.

Pity parties are shortcoming insight.

Boy, I keep parties coming and jumping, hosted by DJ EGO.

What about me, blasting in stereo, at the mind’s planning table.

Besides physically dying every day, better kill sin advertising inside.

Call the mountain whatever you like, we can argue while climbing to see.

Misery or better, bring an ignorant man reality.

If I walk one step closer, I’m on the way.

Bring vitality, vigor, change of perspective, understanding, and a lantern.

Hiding prevents growth, promotes dark passenger quotes, own hands-on own throat.

Under the twenty-four-seven hate yourself or look at our distracting lineup of falsehoods station, a clearer alternative.

Brought to misery, understanding pressure.

Points, am I held together, am I awake?

Slumber running aside good intentions shadows, empty words we use.

Bring me back to forty days and darkness, see the clearing, coming with all I am.

I understand my death is necessary, a life lived here forever would be torture, most my family is dead already.

Weather forecast irrelevant, same hours, my choices, sleeping too much, I want to regain consciousness, keep it.

One step closer, current status expedition.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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