Lamplight Biting Lips / Spider Eyes

Globs on hold.

Inches in wait.

Concoction freshly made.

Don’t dare to assign slow motion.

Trembling tongue tossing.

Breathing heavy anticipating.

Your slippery slide.

I’m ready for this ride.

Locked door entertainment.

Do you know how I’ve wanted you?

Twenty fours is almost too long.

Inches in wait.

I’ll convert them into a lifetime.

Performance executed perfectly as you like.

I’m not afraid of existence, dear.

You’ve brought upswing birth.

Wanting to hold your attention, hips, and hands until my temple returns to sand.

Sensual interchange under lamp light exchanging pieces among one other.

Fully charged forthwith tell me if I am too in you, to you.

Pillar when I think of and all you are.

Glossy eyes.

Biting my lips, waiting.

It’s like you, like your mind and body and mine, belong.

Alongside for every ride we take.

Thinking it, sensing that second right before your hands gently land.

My hands don’t work anything like you, low-level miserable fabrication, introvert thirst foam escaping corners of my quivering mouth.

I’m shaking, nothing else is going to get done today.

Love, you have my enhanced vigilance.

Spider eyes,

None where you stand, I know you’re somewhere else.

Any place but still, I know.

It breaks your neck thinking of any routine.

Yet can I leave when I see you everywhere, sure any place is better for you than where I am?

Throwing arms up yeah I know it’s not true leaving will be easier but I love your flaws too.

Lovely smart, pretty dangerous web, I’m doomed.

Unless I jump while we’re moving it’ll be comfortable then oh wait, too late.

Door trap style,

Won’t be able to function for an unknown duration in eyes everywhere but on me.

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