Mileage Yard

My path, so ready, for these feet to stop settling.

Very difficult to keep eyelids high when I’ve existed without any effort in processing presently present time.

House away from city weights and further away than anything I’ve ever discerned.

One more mile followed by another until a chain completes if I show to assemble these days I hear build while you can.


Searching for a fastened belt buckle combo for my head also anywhere I’m leaking fissures unseen.

My trail to realization through self-created dilemmas outcomes tells it all no secrets kept no matter the pinky count.

She moved her wings and whispered closely to how I’ve been focused on wrong places ignoring instructions from home I’m not alone.

Crawling if I have to, down jagged terrain, until I find stairs leading to wisdom’s library.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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