Introverted Band Shadows

Writing suspenseful drama in brown paper bag under my bed.

Characters made up from real I’m creating dialogue from Hollywood themed shadows.

Swear I’m clogged honey can’t feel complete potential so I bury my body under six feet of blankets afraid of every sudden sound.

Chasing after non-existent grips to hold while walking through cognitive mists better not break my legs good luck.

*Bass drum*

*Bass drum*

*Crisp crashing cymbal*

My life and death running neck and neck at other’s necks who will cheat and win.

Write a paragraph and disappear fictional world with accurate descriptions of here here.

Think I’m, falling too fast, cursive, calligraphy, drain me of worlds I’ve been to without explanation how just write.

Swear I can’t move freely like I should be able to, *bass drum*

Disappointments, isolation, liars, *bass drum*

Friends and family who don’t know what true love means. *Loud cymbal crash*

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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