Finger Sticky And Tasty

Finger in for how I’ll rip flesh off bones for you.

Finger out when you think of how I love you genuinely.

Tell me when have you felt and seen such dedication.

Oh I know you’re more than anyone else can figure out.

Rapidly, fingers three, in and out until you reach the highest point and I’ll be there.

Wet and aching, legs spread apart, I want your walls to know my name when you let satisfaction moans escape.

Finger in for every time I’ve said I love you.

Nipple play when you think of how I touch you breathing heavily while erect.

Taste your coated fingers when you think of how many deaths I’d cause if you ask.

Look in the mirror and see the beauty I see know I want you in different ways.

Don’t hold back, think of how I play with you hair and squirt, soak the carpet tonight.

Fingers in when you think of how I taste mine after being in you, we’re so nasty I have more to do.

When you cum do you see the way I look at you pleased, legs shaking imagining me pushing you against a wall to be teased.

Contently flicking my tongue, already wanting more after we’re done, cum tribute on your clothes, I love the confidence you show.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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