Shower Weeping

Delete my photos and videos

To live, to live

Too hard looking back

I’ll do the same, I’m too attached

Possibilities cut cleanly

Was our love worth pauses

Interesting paths variable clauses

Every egg in your basket for my sperm

Or just target practice with blanks point blank

Erase every song I sent

Over toilets throwing up, logic bent

Broke up and you found someone and so did I

Bust into your wedding full on decry

However it’s about who steps down, away

As we cry over the world we created

I secretly pretend you’ll change your mind, reality negated

Ask why I’m being friendly to women in town

Because the woman I want can’t be around, no fitting plans for fitting pretty gowns

I say delete my memories, might have to do the same

Else I’ll be a moron and ask for your last name

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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