Afterthought Salt

Cannot stay and maybe they should have came yesterday.

They’ll read after flowers sent.

They’ll perform tributes without error.

I’m sure a choir will sing happily.

Gallons of worthless tears after neutral facts.

Struggling, juggling, performing one’s best.

Empty, no more, nothing left.

Wish, wish you could be alive to see.

Festive afterthoughts as precious as thrown away ribbons one day after all leave.

Wish you could see how, you’ve made it after death.


All the love in the world.

Absent love when you were walking.

Absent love when you priced a gun and bullets.

Absent love when you needed it the most.

But boy they bought nice flowers for your grave.

Yeah they are so pretty.

Poetry receiving millions of hits, just needed your heart to quit.

Wish you could see how they love your death, sorry I meant life.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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