The Dizzy Spinning Man Dazzling The Universe

Dizzy man.

Double minded man.

Spinning like a sad top.

Rusty and ugly and unaware.

No one cares.

Still spinning proudly.

No one is there.

That’s you! she said pointing and giggling.

Confused man.

Should quit mid flight.

Maybe I’m turning for nothing.

Working for filler sake.

Duh, she says laughing.

Spin faster, when alone so I know I still got it.

I pick when.

Turning in my decorated grave.

Even though no one cares.

What do I know?

Love and life is, stop asking who cares and go care.

I pick when.

When I do, you’ll know I love you completely.

My eyes.

My face.

Poetry overcoming any transgression.

Happy to see you again.

I turn, doesn’t matter if they stare.

She laughs and whispers oh yeah?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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