Ownership Doesn’t Exist

Sit silently as your world collapses

It never was yours now you’ll learn

Never trust in anyone or anything

Trust me I’m still on fire badly burned

Experience the emptiness we’re born from

Crawl to die once feared now a great ending

Dying without a penny to your name

Lean back into meaningless memories

Feel glass pour from every bandage

Chest wound throbbing better not look back

Past dead end ended so sit

Never born to remain

Never meant to hold these crumbling answers.

Let them show how shallow graves are

This isn’t hatred or depression strikes

Some of us meant to travel in darker shades

Know I’m traveling in barely manageable breaths

The ones claiming to love me most almost absent

We’ll roll a thick blunt and cry inside

Rocking back in forth in our tender scars

Admitting nothing was really ours anyway.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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