Run Up The Block

Sensing changes while conversing with heavy rain, explanations seem to burst better when I’m present

Aware, admitting I care, curiosity concerning lining up fading opportunity efforts effectively

Hello, I’m done fighting for some, against some, labels so let that battle be ignored

I have knowledge of something more important than assumption based commentary, incorrect information broadcasted in my headquarters.

Red night lights, coasting.

Beating myself to death with bulky metallic hammers until I cry why try why, try?

Cruise control doesn’t work very well here, throw down two handfuls of distractions, gripping harder, I’ll steer.

Better run into my journal and tell everything I fear, expose the system, admit I need inner direction not a funeral

Been looking for you hoping you’ve been chasing me but I’ve been running away, head headed backwards, different pursuit seen.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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