Heartsick Devastation

Bedtime robes or warm fresh towels

Stumbling in her beauty constantly missing vowels

Her favorite cups like me, missing lips

I must move, see glimpses of her everywhere

Laughs echo then I cry room after haunted room.

Swore I’d move on without looking back but I can’t

Tear drenched pillowcases fill our old clothesline

Can anyone tell me when the pain stops

Rushing waterfalls wide open off my face



Pretending absence of a goddess doesn’t hurt so bad

Swearing I don’t want to protest then tightly holding her legs

Don’t go.


I hope you hate any city far from me

Hope you hate being in a different bed

Because I hate our old one now

Second pillow missing

Missing you

Reaching out for you in my sleep.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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