Kite Flying

Our window is beautiful, allowing fresh air and reflection

Yet I can’t keep it open, it isn’t fair to love a dead end

With little time left and my health failing, I’m not waiting for maybe

Or unexpected guest appearances

I want to die committed to a lover and friend at my side

Someone who won’t be like you, wishing for me after I’m dead

If I told you my death is soon maybe you would come but I don’t want that

Shouldn’t have to be terminally ill to be committed

When I close our window, maybe you’ll understand but it doesn’t matter

Because you can’t be here.


Let’s enjoy the view then, sadly I’m looking beyond the landscape for someone else at the same time

Hope you find someone committed one day, someone who can stay, no matter what

It’s what I’m looking for, I crave it, I want it, changing a last name maybe

Romance, picnics, tickling, the same address

One, just one woman, the most caring one I can find

Then I’ll seal our window and cover it with cement mixed with tears

Moving onto the real true love I’ve been wanting

You were so close, very close

Beautiful kite without a string gone to the winds as I watch sorrow filled.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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