Ending Chain

Too late


Too late

Regrets where

Flowers shook butts

Showing off



Spending time

Is whatever choices

You choose

Wasn’t bad luck

Yet you’ll lose

Are you sure


Well then

Better not bitch about the ending


Cards were played.



Tell the world



Securing shoes




Better understand


To live with

Roads taken or bypassed

Your god says no redo

Lost a precious stone in infinite sands

Throw your hands up

Kiss the sky

I like everything happens for a reason

After we’ve say goodbye.

Give your reasons

To a trash can

Same as regret


Doors open close

When close ones open

You turn doorknobs

For everyone but yourself.

And I’m not fooled by all the talk

Independence yet still handed padlocks

Controlled by people who don’t know who you are

Anything to avoid confrontation

Even lose life participation

Gotta walk softly on eggshells

Respect lost as you wear chains

Saying you’re free but I see through charades

I might be damaged

Mix and match trash

Still I stand up

Doesn’t matter who it is I’ll fight back

Won’t hide my heart

Won’t deny my soul

Is your freedom worth a gold star?

Too late

Too late

Unimpressed with your chains

Almost feel sorry for you

Nope it’s too late.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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