Five Hundred Below Fahrenheit

Snow covered tracks home and I’m lost without warmth in wilderness.

Every where I turn, nothing.

I’ll stand still until I can see again.

I’ll stand without a coat, this world of constant blizzards.

Frozen, I’ll simply crawl to shelter. It’s only miles away.

It’s embarrassing to die while breathing, painfully rapidly blinking, unable to comprehend loss.

But I have a plan to get out, just gotta stop any doubts saying staying still won’t work.

Don’t need your help.

Save myself from frostbite pains with laughter.

Build a fire with my life, until it goes out.

Without any fuel, without any combustible materials.

I’ll just sever my dead dreams and hopes, plenty around, plentifully mistakes.

Hey maybe I’ll end up in a peaceful iced drink, somewhere my skin isn’t hated.

But I don’t need your help.

Freeze to death quickly by myself.

Such a beautiful death under snowflakes, born from trusting anyone with my heart.

Yeah I’m feeling warmer these days, five hundred below fahrenheit is safe.

I’ll take off all protection, embrace how I feel tonight.

Constant blizzards but this is the one, all mine.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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