All Points To Whoever Invests In Me

Withdraw every name before yours

My heart’s connectedness is here in you

Said quietly you’ve been watching me go under

Time after time it has gotten harder

Flattery is good for a snack but I’m famished

Just in time you’ve come alone looking for someone like me

Lines and proof almost fully bulletproof I’ll pass your tests

Straight into your eyes I go not lower towards your breasts

Full attention spotlight focus on a real season changer

Here I was winding down for burial.


Until you came with everything I’ve been waiting for.

Brought no excuses just reasons you want more right now.

Cause I’ve been ignored and abandoned, oh I’ve been, disrespected , thrown away but you, you’ll stay.

Even in my worst. Especially my best.

Make me shiver when you say I’m worth any investment, any battle, baby.


Do more than take me off the dating market

Shut the industry down

Be here knowing I’m more than happy to be a part of your life

I’m getting older and I need something to rely on like Keane

Somewhere only we know

Sex is good but I want more than your body, I want it all

In return you can have my affection becoming immortalized in lines read in several countries

From Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore, Pakistan, they’ll know I love you


Don’t play, know what you want before I caress your head

Be everything I’ve dreamed and consider me number one to you

Be Anita Baker with your good love

Make me shiver when you say I’m worth any investment, any battle baby.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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