Garbage Post: Closed Blind Cuddling

I want a place to share

Happy and sad times are fine

As long as we come out of any rain unharmed

Hugging you changes my face

If it doesn’t please do it again

Until I remember I want to share with you.

Love songs we know

Sang at the same time

Face to face

I’ve been waiting so long for real love

Without limit I’ll drink

Give my love as well

Well my well bottom isn’t known.

Here come drink

The best I have for life

More than make it through every night

House, cars

Tears, poems

Dinner, plans

See what you’ve done

Brought happiness and I want a secure foundation.

I’ll spend all my remaining years

Yours as a gift my luck.

So elated with whispers like I’m yours

Never going to leave you

I’ve chosen you for life

And I’ll never look at these days the same

Finally bright and finally spoken for by a real one

No worries

No heartache

Heart won.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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