Panties And Boxer Brief Briefs

Yelled at me saying I put all our intimate laundry online

Yeah I need it done, air dry, refreshed

Ready for use, emotions and bad thoughts are stains, wardrobe strained

Without suitable masks, laugh, whatever, but I try on what I think you’ll like

Real me partially hidden when it comes to trusting, even though you’ve been straightforward

Silly goose, never took time regarding reading my foreword, you’re always behind

Very well, my underwear exposed online, yeah these raw emotions

Bet you thought I was joking, when I said I write uncooked doughnuts

Shirts and pants as I expose more, even dirty tidbits as socks previously left on carpeted floors

Rain and pours, laughingstock when I forget, my mistakes embarrassing clothesline view yet

Hardest harshest critic, is a pathetic ego programmed effectively in poison paralytic

Silly goose, these words untie every tightened fastened almost unbreakable loop.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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