Garbage Post: Sent Away Vibe

Almost had her, by my side

Now we have to try in another lifeline lifetime

So close, like where we are to the Atlantic ocean floor

Thick ties severed

Feels like this has happened before

No signal.

Smiling now because I don’t “know” what to do

We’re the same

Might crash and burn in pain

Reassign me

Heavens, reassign me

Someone else please!

How she gonna ask for me

Get me

And send me away?

Sent away.

Endings don’t mean death, I’ve found another life

Scored a pretty decent preview of where I can be

Been bringing scented flowers, watching them die

I’ve resurrected them to another life

Possibility, road I’ve never been

Commitment, stability, yeah I’m walking in

Because all I have is today, I want to live here

Nervous because I don’t know if this is “right”

We’re the same

I might, crash and burn in pain but I cannot sit still

Will not stay still, looking down a flower covered hill for maybe, because maybe not.

So reassign me someone willing to stay.

Because real love is rare, not many care deeply.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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