Paused A Great Song For Everything

Binoculars view, burned bridge


Consumed and carried away like I was

Waiting for you

Under trees happier than us

Unlike like us, fruit still alive

Growing very well through thunder filled storms

Nights cold and warm

I cannot view any stars

Repulsed I used to see them with you

Believing anything you said about us.

I spit on every bridge I see

Defecate under every damn pretty tree

Until I die from heartbreak you bitch

See, going too far, out of line, out of character and it’s my fault

Waiting for you like a dummy strung by hope

Above, sinister cruel jester

Kick every tire in triplicate

Turn over every photo album table in Walmart

Crash into a crash

I’ll get up from this hardwood floor

Straighten my clothes and leave

Slamming the heavy laughing door behind

Refusing to let it hit where the good lord split me

Overly dramatic sigh after sigh.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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