Amber Red Cheers

Nevermind either or

She doesn’t stand anywhere sometimes, no middle ground

Oblivious to freedom in boundaries, until loss

Dirty mind game parade

We’ll end up washing ink out of goodbye letters

Vacuum where greatness could have been

Burned photographs.

Nevermind, or

Told what to do

Better never have my last name

Can’t say you love me or they abuse, bring on shame

Conflict, it’s easier to, miss a few exits, a few details instead of heading home first

Choices we make pissing on chances

Nevermind burned photographs

Scattered from your previous paths

Destination within

Other doors could open but why look

Greatness was showing signs

Didn’t you feel alive

These days our favorite flowers die

For a year, still alive.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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