Scrambled Face Down

Don’t end face down

Without a single reason to turn over

Tempting to freeze

Lacerations on wrists

Swept under currents of I’m tired

Lungs filled of fetal position cries

Dragging flesh through hoops

Awaiting anything but now

Liquor easing face down living.


Throwing up everything only to swallow

See what’s left in inside

Swearing abandoned child

Cursed with a blistered gift of life


Toxic waste years detoxifying through lost blood

Convinced of it so bigger scars

Yesterday you played in a tree

Today hanging via one seems logical

Face down in personal misery

Don’t end there.


Cut wrists

Drunk bleach

Took pills

Contemplated jumping in traffic

Imagined crashing into cement blocks

Gun permit for a single kill

Triple insulin shots

Pondered suicide via police

Appliance in the bath

Drowning in a local river

Snap own neck

To end up where

To stop the pain of mediocrity

Face down middle fingers up

Probably made to live again

Don’t end there.


Fall leaves spring back

Good weather and bad nights

Happy trails and lost paths

Blessedness while operating with curses

A good word, discarded verses

Everything to nothing to no one to everyone

Scrambled organization who can tell it.

2 thoughts on “Scrambled Face Down

  1. A lot of things crossing your mind
    a lot of ways to walk the last step
    we all want things to be perfect
    as things unfold through our life
    we won’t want to make a misstep
    maybe you cannot see it as I do
    your life is precious as your soul
    know for sure kindness and truth
    leads in front of the joy doorstep.


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