Luggage Restrictions Before Moving

Travelling light these days, can’t bring multitudes of bags, chest can only carry a few,

Of course you are precious, we’ve ended two tours though, residual feelings smother moving on sometimes, when I think about you,

Rather hate you, no I don’t mean it, see I don’t want any replacements.

How will I forget every drop of affection previously planned for viewing until my death,

Over so this should be easy, until I’m crying in the bathroom slapping worn face, seesaw with obviously love is not enough, conclusion,

Illusion revealed, and it’s a bad twisted feeling wanting to be loved by a shadow, grasping what we are when I reach out, air.

Foolish man in love, on knees to handfuls of nothing, carrying luggage filled with unread poetry,

Calling out, bitter winds please, return her to me, empty responses,

Can’t carry every hope to tomorrow’s doors, ripping written pleas into hundreds of pieces, chest can only take so much,

Boy it’s over overwhelming, gotta throw away those old photos, file of two, reduced into one for one way solo travel.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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