Sunday Morning Push-ups Before Church

Coming in to, unknown lands welcoming transformation

Operations, surgery, I’m I’ll

Finding health being aware

Changing eyewear, sharper life

Swear I’ll get this, humanity, up instead of buried

Revealed whenever I deny I, control.


Nation upon nation, we all feel stings

Screaming for unity in different ways

Here, I’m starting with this man in the mirror

Mental surgery, procedures until death

Until I find Eastern peace held to chest

Promised lands I’ve been longing for

Coming in to, darkest corners to clean

Can’t return to the cage it, wears me thin.


Weak flesh beaten by an alert mind

Errors studied, path corrected

Somehow, home is already here

There is a peace,

After I deny myself, the thing I swore was myself

Revealed as poison, exposed, now it’s a different game

There is a peace without promises of someday, already installed

Through fire, thick webs, transformation

Peace for meek ones, any empathic soul.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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