Scribbled On Old Printer Paper

Annoying letters to you

Hopefully not

Surely you haven’t been, throwing time away

What does any of it mean

Campfire after making love

Favorite meal made fresh

A beautiful person award straight from me

Never a mistake,

Updated, how love can feel,

Revive your heart if you ever get cold

Happy to be with, give my gifts,

Kiss you with lover’s lips through any sentence you want.

Love you needed

Ushering these glimpses into my fun house, it really isn’t so fun but anyway

Parts with you were

Missed at every page break

Highlighted muse

Or have you been throwing your time away

Me, foolishly writing, merely printed then used as a fire starter

Burned without trace

Writing into Oblivion forgotten

Hopefully not

Who knows

Banished, unused

No microscopic brain absorbing, analyzing

Kissing intellect’s forehead

Comprehend deep desire nevermind syntax relax

Drafts under the same lamp

See where I was, unleashed to be clear

Left my whole world in breadcrumbs

Still, I never told all

Until pen met your paper

Ink our bedroom but we saw anyway

Pointed on our history, written

Hopefully I’m not wasting your time

Annoying letters

Hopefully not.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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