Silly List Of Miss

But I’ll miss kissing you everywhere you ask

I’ll miss how deep you laugh, so refreshed after scented baths

I’ll miss getting mad at you but wanting to make up in five minutes

Miss you shaking your ass then checking if I’m looking

I’ll miss seeing you reading books captivated illuminated

Miss your body shape I swear there’s a glow when you are naked

I’ll miss conversations, our sleeping arrangements, your breath, aspiration

The way you look when I’m being sillly

Miss the way you look behind when your hips are mine.


I’ll miss how you dance when I make good food, how your look in an erotic mood

How for the most part far from rude, help whenever you can without asking for anything unfortunately sands of time and commitment ruins glue writing poems directed to you

I’ll miss the love, getting high and writing sharing always exciting inviting more so I pour we combine mouthwatering heart


And I’ll continue listening missing parts next woman better be correct connect like we did to a point and pointing forward our saved memories will live forever

I’ll miss the honor, the pleasure


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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