Dank Doc’s Couch

I loved them but it doesn’t matter I wear tape over mouth and eyes surprised time flies now I’m sick dying alone silence incoming messages forsake phone hope in anyone loving me gone not seriously might as well be secretly hear end it already it cannot be


Dirty because I’m hard headed but I needed more proof than an adult said it don’t regret referring to questioning thinking too much overthinking until systems lock up say I’m slower than turtle races fuck them bullies die under poorly lit stairs no one cares while I prepare an ultimate journey maybe y’all boy will win the meek tourney


I tried until failure unreconcilable status at every bridge why live crumbling every step chest beating rapidly blood pressure numbers show I’m inept even when sitting still filled with hot air instead of intellect pillow wet simpleton drooling who exactly am I fooling mule when I think better riding out of this reality after writing these secret letters at least my fellow poets know better what’s up


Therefore real lovers are you the reader and my keyboard weapons observe human connections this lifetime I’m guessing short tour without standard blessings without resting my confessions poured compelled I must write perhaps save some from total night or a testimony if a dead man can find life well alrighty alright almighty perception fine tuned activate tonight give sight


I want to be perfect, or as close as possible. In love, your perfect idea. Your perfect example. Not for my name but for peace to flow. If my pen flies surely it is powered by a inspired ink unseen. An ink in us calling us to write even if it is not seen but oh we are. Worldwide then into minds of all types across the planet. We see behind wallpaper. I want to be accepted by empty pages given as a gift to a mind creating its own path. Unseen ink to appear when it is time.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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