Julia This Is My Book

Cannot walk away this time, you’ve got me unsatisfied with heavy breathing, crying starts without notice

This is how I know I’m done, no call no show bye work, I’ve already turned the phone off

Nap I’ll never forget, sleep I’ll never remember

Evil, who can be understanding of how peaceful it is to be done

Lies, I’m fine and I’ll talk to you later, clueless as planned

Static heard while traveling the city completing last efforts, every loose knot tied the best way I know how

Rainy day ending this sentence

Will you call me a bastard, keeping the truth from you, realize this wasn’t your fucking life anyway

Always able to disappear in front of anyone, nothing will change

Just, no chance of another chance, why does it matter now

Do anything to beat this, if you can’t beat it why waste anymore effort when I can arrive in peace

Julia, some books are short, stories short, author’s decision.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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