Invitation In Moonlight

Sure I’ll come over

I need a way from this town

Soft queen sized bed perfect

Breakfast will be better because I’ll be in your world

Forgot my scars too busy smiling

Lost found to be discovery

Over and we’ll watch tonight’s sky together

Moonlight kisses I’ll never forget I swear

Slowly walking to the same places

In the backyard discreetly

Maybe we’ll find more happy reasons

Sure I’ll come to your thoughts

Been hints in flattery

Licked lips on standby

Slipped moaning sighs of want

Wanting a foundation

Right here ready for work

Talk finally in display

This date forward until until

Accepted invitation let’s stay cuddled until fully charged

Been so low lately but with you I

Hold my head up straight

Strangers into I need to be here

Feeling stronger you know why

Moonlight and iced tea with our cares freely spoken.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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