Discontinued Item Bin

Free so you’ll never hear me ask

When are you coming home

Yeah I know it’s not here because you won’t stay still

Anywhere but here

Say you’re coming back in morning maybe tonight you’ll appear

Finally I see it

Here I go putting us in a box



I swear I’m the figure out of focus in every picture

Do this to myself no more

Expectations and joy levels leveled with shifting floor steady sinking

Moving this away from any top spot

Then watch ignorance she’ll ask can we be friends

Doing me like they did you unpredictable

Asking too much for a few hugs

I’ll pretend for now until the car is ready to go

Itinerary plotted for one only one can’t wait to block your number like I didn’t get those messages honestly

Because I’ll want it that way and this helps

Doing me like this when I waited for you

Planned surprises but always cancelled don’t even mention them because why

You no longer deserve random poetry or love notes



What are we doing playing boyfriend and girlfriend

You’re just that person that sleeps here some use resources run

I see it so I’m putting us in a box.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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