Garbage Post: 0045

I’d want to be the one called impossible, personally escorted upwards because of my dedication

Best friend and more loyalty clinic finished with self onto higher classes unmasked and undefeated when it counted, pure

An example given for willpower hardened hours of battle multiplied by technique destroyer of weak powerful foes impaling elbows

Word or sword as the clearing clearance allowing notations brighter futures exceptional grounds fertile


Shadow’s toolbox sunlight’s banner the minute someone gains wisdom from holy books or secular meditation served directly without any waiting

Fear defeated codes seen traversing water a brisk walk able to assist cancel body pavement chalk or any victims

Too much overboard still whatever for crown awards if I came back I’d want to be the one called impossible who made it possible bringing hope to losers like himself

Directed to send

Planet innards as a backdrop nonsense non-stop in manipulation management maneuvering quickly yeah the fifth deletion perhaps this spiritual armor has reasons

My wilderness calling on an answer this is madness says leaning on my own knowledge empty not counting rumors we spread

I’m simple gotta a PowerPoint or map it will be welcomed or is the victory unknown territory discovery for this recovery flicking wrists praising or judging any truth anywhere nothing

Still if there’s a way I’m fighting flaws haunting with hunting dark clouds dumping emotions on my questions.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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