Service Area Network

Driven out of range last broadcast before we step out shaking but ready moving forward fear ugly yet defeatable situation handled or retreat back to sleep imagining great moments yet unwilling to move unbound sweaty feet personal failure violent as it is discreet

Never cheered rather payment as we fickle trickle onto another glimmering second wasted pretending perfection is possible offended when failure occurs I’ve failed impossible tests as if you could pass at last I clash with darkness asking questions instead of swinging so wild

Lever after lever never sure range extremes the political emotional game played without shame leading navigation attempts astray ashtray organization blown ash defeat uprisings viruses in my self-esteem files

Wiles pretty, effective still we adjust yeah must before total flush wiped out wonder of these gameboard rules unknown but upheld greatest assistance ib self control playing dumb like can you give a definition plus usage please?

I’ve been calling you, hung up when you said hello, claimed I wanted change fully abandoned the door whatever I’m facing has nothing on my complacency in idleness when I should be moving yeah I’ve been calling stalling waiting for what

Arrogant until effort requirements requested slick crafty even in excuses fire extinguished beating any spark until finished viewed lights accompanied with shadows but vision really blurry intense or exaggerated

Watching, thinking, working ideas through these questions, connected to what service any purpose experiences coincidences best times ever honorable mentions until almost done on with pensions

Previews unavailable time running out I’m under pressure fully customizable unable or unwilling to perceive unless it’s levels above, many levers trap doors dead ends fake friends time stolen spent on wind too damn thin

Hidden object game without instructions added invisible items flawed mind main weapon what is cruelty for eternity Alex by any number of wrong choices we sound sure in our arrogant ignorance before insistence truth address not found.

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