Vase On A Dining Table

Defective, made to delete, I sleep worried how death wins while using a slow creep, advantage, warning signs perhaps ignored refusal to manage

Vantage points a dream while internally I scream searching for a suitable screen to block my mind lock, cold feet with Swiss cheese socks yeah ears pop, elevation in pressure or triumph

Chest pains on losses some gains measuring success with an unseen ruler, I’m unable to explain my gasoline, my fuel, bloody every second regarding I versus I still waiting to escape via cars standardly equipped to fly, take a year or two

Smoke intergalactic marijuana as a crutch listening to Clutch arming mental weapons unfortunately aiming then squeeze with safety on, depression rolls its eyes then we continue on

Well, it’s not well.

Before final results I get a freestyle session then judgement, I’m guessing, might as well perform one last time before torture I’m without faith in any redemption convinced hate has an infinite extension

Oh I wish I could believe like Grandma and them on every Sunday, me and a merciful god break dancing coughing on its green creation while traveling to highlighted areas immune to any barriers smiling at smile carriers

Instead I’m tested without any warning head swarming with mortality concerns, burned then I learn effects of how stomachs churn underneath unknown unknowns

Born falling, grabbing cliffs still falling, I think I’m trying only to receive a thumb down accused of lolling, fuck, nothing I’ve ever done sticking, I’m stuck

Decoration on a dining table or a playground I’m another bad creation.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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