Two Nights Before Goodbye

Tears don’t matter after tonight, we both know.

Breaking up, spilling apart, different places to go.

I’m not upset, actually ready to find, a new house and town.

Why bury myself in tears or shameful begging we’re out.

If you know me, we’ll be erased, just give it a year.

Maybe in a few weeks they’ll stop screaming, streaming out.

Forget your birthday, forget to call, forget your name.

Not to be an ass, just to move past, sour memories.

Mistake or not, I’m ready to try, different days.

And we both know, tears don’t matter now.

Little more time, hourglass out.

We both know, this is the end.

Goodbye forever, goodnight friend.

Gotta turn around, look away.

Otherwise I’ll forget you’re not going to stay.

Unnecessary, torture in fact, chasing air with opened hands.

No need to cry, we’ll be okay, there’s already places I can stay.

Tears don’t matter now so why stay upset?

You’re going leave and I’ve already left, time to move on.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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