Second And Third Gears Today

Show me, sticky labels won’t bind your weary wrists.

Prove to me, you can be trusted as persuasive manipulation takes more lives.

Missing sharpened points, missing how distractions are thrown logs in bullshit fires.

Burn your idolized flags, they’re only based on where you have seen and current programing.

All unknown facts unapplied how can we say anything in certainty well yeah we’ll all die,

Leaving marks where we’ve destroyed opportunities to think past emotions, we don’t even try.

Lip service people disgust me where are promised goods not promised words in erasable ink?


You promise,



Spit talk without a step,

Without any attempt,

To change the very things you want me to die for,

Unmoved and unwilling.


Herd brethren of another, untrustworthy filler filled gimmicks on a stick spine adaptable.

Yeah yeah yeah cool man but I want to see real, results, effort, sacrifice or silence, less noise, movement, action, deface their propaganda.

Until then, don’t speak, emotional displays great plays until it’s time to move, thrust, demand, stand up, use full power.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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