Blasphemy In Desperation

If I walk on water?

Absorb hate without becoming tainted?

Lose weight?

Apologize for dumbass mistakes?

Sorry. I’m truly sorry.

If I dance properly?

Pretend I don’t know my own family?

Cut a pound of flesh?

Cut someone else?

To get a one on one with you?

A little timeout, what am I supposed to be doing?

If I walk on unknown waters?

Will it be enough to be seen?

Not human 4792027364838 status.


Laughs, believers in peace called me garbage

Awaiting nightmares within incinerated torture visions

Follow or be denied you bastard get gassed up your real father is incomplete

Devils under sheets lock locked in a impenetrable fortress without applicable progress

Die forever cycles of no rest heart attacks dinner so worthless incapable of winner status opposite of best

Holy spirit or whatever the label never applied to this chest scared even these gods are murderers

What can do I to escape whatever tithes apply and swear what unseen being controls or allows fate

Rolling dice sweating profusely please be fresh Kool aid, robes, and a pearl gate

Not a towel when thrown into fiery lakes


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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