Unfavorable Man

Wasted tickets on it

Lottery chances

Stuck in my mirror circle

Watching blood drain from hope

Gasping for air in this vacuum

Pointless breathing

Am I wasted material

Red candles dropping dripping tears

Fed dirty broken glass

Unable to talk correctly

Watching spirals give birth to questions

Almost low enough endings sound like fresh starts

Is this dark forest rope hangout

Wasted support tickets

Wasted prayers



Made for extermination

Created for destruction

Given much for greater loss

Boy I’ve lost it wholeheartedly

Pouring out love sadly receiving curses

At least I’m wrapped from cold in soul searching verses swinging wildly instead of freezing realizing spreading lyrical ammunition beats complete deletion maybe my downfall brings jigsaw pieces together


Reaching for dead stars making asinine wishes like can I live in comfort without selling my energy to a prosperous enemy

Overnight celebrity for just fifteen minutes less than that after editing

Wasting tickets on false drawings

Isolated thunderstorm yeah I’m under unstable weather again

Watching my thought process digress.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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