Triangle Drums

Drafts upon us reaching for unseen chapters, memory bookmarks

We spark, spread good news over damaged villages bringing news everyday, newspaper

Goulash during heavy winter months to warm souls reestablish connections

Spitting broken lines under power lines ahead of time when we rhyme, life feels manageable, our stories told

After these messages strength increases, we walk ourselves in this free range prison, unseen guards

Razorwire above, below, in case boundaries can’t explain escape is a no go insanity to sane, crutches or stylish canes

Stock market emotions up, down, sell, hold, behold our place outside of the zombie fold, fuck enlightened fool’s gold

Ignorant racers out of gas mostly likely to crash as we gently drive past with poem after poem, hooked laced books

Even if we are terrible, syntax roles disobeyed, readers slayed then reborn, out of box experience changing cold hearts to warm

Yeah we are, be, swarm, believe it.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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