Stretching On Highways


Adding distance

Slipping away

High speed

Unseen resolve


Because I’m respected more miles away

Outskirts as alarm

Faded charm

Erase everything

Lost history

Blinking lost

I’ll never be intact again




We say speak truth but really armed excuses guard responses I’m lost for a different entrance suffering any disrespect seemingly subtle but isn’t I just accept my choices are all inept punishment in refusing to stay to self while some await my current connection’s placement in an unused shelf I await freedom instead of another heavy weight on this wounded chest

Never rest these days as partnership nonexistent unlike silent solo suffering until I gladly take forty sleeping pills then apply tape to mouth hold it shut my final art piece unreported man deceased reaching fallacies not wholeness cut deeper than skin desperately avoiding real news I’m doomed zoomed in found nothing but question marks encoded in mysterious ways like why do I give cuddles without any return underneath my yeah it’s fine blood burns boils recoil retract.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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