Inactive Status When Needed

I’ll entertain you, numbness before your dull eyes

Inactive champion, full of words without action

Scared to stay or go now let’s have conversations while my skin burns

Still don’t get how your pretty flowers are ineffective inspiration to these hungry gears


I’m trying to get out of this madness destroying my will to live

You’re trying to fill your free time with quality entertainment

Sorry I’m too busy fighting to breathe while you stare with those idle hands

You’ll only move when my face, wallet, and or refrigerator is empty.


Pulling finances down, bitter burden, willful burden

Must separate myself from this drain, what if I switched roles

I’d be dead already, waiting on someone’s payment to my bills because I have no home

Remain silent but I shake my head because you don’t get how pretty flowers are ineffective fuel to these hungry metal gears


Don’t ask why I look away, annoyed with your juvenile defense during this war

Talk in excellence but refuse to perform, raise your voice when work is mentioned

Supportive services down, I can’t see past how this great disappointment is amazingly horrible

Stay tuned, I’m coming around.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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