Exposing Myself Or Nevermind

If I tell my fears, oh nevermind.

Exposing myself is a harsh crime.

Whenever I’m having rough times, where can I dump useless emotions?

Where can I uplift, upshift, really quick without commotion?

Not too many friendly and respectful, without expecting my soul as payment.

If I tell you, if I dare speak of how weak I’ve been,

Will you be a true right hand of peace, yeah a really rare find or just another mistake scheduled for deletion tell time, time will show.

Oh nevermind, nevermind.

Hate crying in front of anyone but I’m at the lowest, so I go find torture in a clear judging mirror.

Man inside fighting off fear of failure because inaction rots supplies regarding exploration, tired of looking for myself to show up.

Growing up hard hitting every pitfall balls and brains to the wall, either I’m lazy or inadequate as I’ve heard a treasure awaits action, no devil or man stopping my feet, gotta believe in work.

Sometimes I need a refresher, second guess because an echo chamber doesn’t produce valuable exports, imports without competition degrade quality.

Opened my book to you, you’ve seen patterns, snippets, does this get thoughtful assistance, our heads all in with programing resistance.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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