Garbage Post: Unsatisfactory Light Source

Dark like promises for submission in a free range prison after rolling over accepting conclusions see the worst give birth during confusion allowing any type of intrusion

First they’ll make us pay, discount it to pull more astray, finally give it for free so you’ll feel included paper dressed ink excluded yeah you’re drinking unfortunately highly diluted truth

Before the bombardment sounds and images I seek accommodations in a forty day and night wilderness finally detached from this temporary blah playpen

I was a victim squad member too, bright flood lamps to hide darkness just out of scene, so many edits, manipulation, either you agree or confirmed an eager student of Satan

Presented packages flawless two sides the other isn’t right, they get left back pats enclosed in misinformation while I’m reaching for nature beaten by organized noises, hide your ears

Tainted, light, something isn’t level, these zombies we love before bitten, swallowed feelings instead balance, callous

I’m not bright enough anymore, just another target for the backward sleep, can’t preach to these animals, zombies only reply in teeth

Ripped apart by familiar faces just like public school no peace of mind without eating all of mine so I declined to show up, say I’m obscure until sign up for group think please bring everything yeah kitchen sink

Light bulbs dimmed avoiding hordes trained well automation while reading headlines jam saying this person ripped or that one slammed, verb tricks, one bite

Meanwhile I’m a heathen dreaming, a reality with true peace they call blasphemy because I don’t want to register any labels, a Jesus needs to overturn these ignorant tables, settle minds in parables break down using fables

Are you allowed to question the question?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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