Fall Peeking In Codes

Mr. Error available totally mediocre lack of self esteem choker

In my head when it rains being aware of truth is smart

Feelings dazzle truly presentations raw with wave attacks

Need time to know myself beyond imbalanced memories

Mr. Error status corrected online connected

Baby if I burn well it will be my freedom plus familiar with doubt coals glowing suicide pins seduced by needles

And yeah men cry shedding perspectives dying birth during every update

Fear of failure fucking me without mercy am I giving allowance claiming ignorance

Gods I wish gods could be peace appearing in my bedroom with tips

Let it be amen off lips instead I see abandonment until I empty mental ammo clips in fallacies

Now you’re blessed child hold on it’s almost through like shots mommy and daddy would help you through

Gotta sneak into some woods while fasting and dump heavy rains via eyes

Or is error life?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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