Supplied Skips


Slipping stairs away,

Investigations to seek proper levels

Balance off

Brokenness detected,

Still proceeding

Solid footing

Confusion on every corner

Oh yeah so needed,

Necessary to refuse myself

Deceptive paintings

Deceptive edits

Works of art

Boundless bundles start

Testing myself and references apart,

Older so I see familiar games

Still looking in mirrors

Slipping like DMX

Minus drugs nevertheless still stressed

Underdressed for my funeral

Out of focus

Out of paint.


Murderers for labels

Meanwhile I’m looking for peaceful tables

Understand death isn’t punishment

Living empty-handed trying to give is,

Holding my animal in with marijuana and food leashes

Cut to microscopic pieces medications stalling my drive

Cannot find any dependability out or inside

Although I admit within greatness hides most likely on a bye

Bus or planetary arrangement to new heights

Slippery yeah angered walking up several flights cried too many nights told to grind teeth gnashing

Bashing self photos like oh no I’m ugly evil wish I could be famous

Stereotypical bullshit kissing of dirty anus I prefer real

Prefer a woman without makeup than with true beauty sealed layers acknowledged and peeled

Blabbering stalling and stumbling while mumbling done with them

Concrete stairs.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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