Abigail Whispered Standing In The Ocean

I live for me and I think of you

But you’ll never know

Can’t tell you how much I’ve been drooling

Mouth watering

To taste

Stay in whatever place is best for us

I know what to do with a queen

Whatever she wants

And honey I’ve been searching for sweet

Sugar sticky notes

Tongue first mouth then gently throat

Hidden hunger

Thirsty dehydrated

Want to deliver oral sex when we make it

Then penetration on highest point greatest

If you only knew

Here’s hoping your hugs heal

Here’s hoping we find a way to happiness waiting up

Fuck games and excuses

Pleasure to be chosen by someone so great

Far from gods but all-knowing

Show me golden rule living and I’ll keep those legs and dreams open

Delivery after special delivery

Your rock what is wind I’ll be unmovable

But you’ll never know

Mental arousal

Better and long lasting than feeble bodies

So when you’re alone in front of that mirror

Two fingers for us

When you’re alone driving hope your fingers aren’t stuck

Can I hear it?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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