Mosquito Trial

Weaknesses bothering me oh mosquito thoughts can’t you see I’m busy

Don’t have time for pity cries or thoughts of relief after giving up mid-try

So many things to do and I feel stuck to fly paper with cement and glue these days

Oh, my bed doesn’t expect anything at all from me so oh

Maybe I should in this embrace instead of facing emotional and financial leeches.


Stop asking me if I got enough sleep as if you care, I know better

Hurting and dying everyday for temporary shit without anchors they fly away, they are nothing but here we are

Honey I’ve been spending half my check on marijuana hoping self-destruction will go away

Watching violations in my soul and others while thinking this is all asinine so why bother

Some days I feel like a vital piece of life then I remember no one thinks or will think twice of my ending, maybe not even me

Oh this is tiring and I’m exhausted Monday to Sunday

Oh I’ll just sleep to dream, perspective twisted, nothing to be used as fuel

A nap or six won’t hurt while I try to calmly breathe.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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