Kindness Forever


Can you hold me now

Not asking for conversation, at this moment

Just need your body touching

For a few songs

For a few hours


Stop cut wrists, goals created

Walking ladder steps carefully

Burn in legs nothing

Sometimes I swim in you becoming healed

Oral back and forth, thoughts swallowed

Hold my body without hesitation

I’ll remember, such kindness forever

Want to make us cum everlasting ever

Can you see, my desire

All I need is your calming love


What a very beautiful grip.

Kindness forever.


We run errands holding hands

Damn I think about you everywhere

Another woman in my face all I see is your hair

Bare my true emotions to one

Do the same without game

Investments increased my doubts defeated

Anyone and anything against deleted

Girl you don’t need anyone let me believe I’m who you want

Confidence earns you extra stars

Already a world such a wonderful planet

Poetic air while clear even polluted

Fears uprooted better soil management

Hold me close never absent

A kindness forever.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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