Breaking Neon Hate

Breaking habits exhausting without proper endurance therefore applying acceleration a fitting goal unload excuses to lose weight take hold of my energy giving me confidence

May I apply application properly heading into war uncovered still double tactical releasing wrapping mind fresh fresh penetrating questions free over arrest fuel and I am renewable

Calming pressure boundaries protected all on my performance minus human labels stacking effort on holy tables with my gifts far from hidden in warm sand plans given when allowed may I get living concepts together

Been breaking for exits asking for deliverance when prophets fight through until used completely understand consumption is the game stay sane battle until bell ring.



Briefly tangled up for a few decades in victim rhetoric took erasers to my failures but failed almost bailed fuck life new air inside lived but had to die

Tempted just like you my self control low but I’m strength training aiming at my head open interact is the beginning of real life unlocked casket better sight

More to learn.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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